Attestation of Certificates / Power of Attorney / Drivers License and other legal documents

Printable Version: The following documents are required to be submitted :

  • Application for Attestation of any legal document/s (power of attorney/drivers license/educational certificates/company incorporation certificates/individual's alive certificate etc.) must be submitted in the prescribed form (available on this website).
  • For attestation of Power of Attorney (POA),  please enclose one passport size photo of the POA Giver and one same size photo of the POA Receiver on top of the document. 
  • Please enclose all relevant documents that requires attestation. Legal documents such as Power of Attorney (POA) have to be notarized by a Canadian Notary Public if sent by mail. However, it is not necessary in case the applicant is present physically to sign the document before the consular officer. Documents such as company incorporation certificate, educational certificate etc will require prior attestation from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (currently known as Global Affairs Canada). 
  • Please also enclose one set of photocopy of the document to be attested for official use.
  • URGENT: please enclose the photocopy of your valid Bangladesh passport along with the application form, lack of which may disqualify attestation of Power of Attorney. 
  • Please note that your fees/charges vary according to your choice of service priority (Regular or Urgent). For details of the fees, please see the table on the bottom of this page. 
  • Please attach the required fees in the form of Bank Draft or Postal Money Order. For details of fees, please see the relevant section of this website. Please note that we do not receive any personal cheque/credit card. All fees should be payable to “Bangladesh High Commission”. High Commission will not be held responsible if you have sent any bank draft or postal order blank or in any other’s name.
  • If you are sending your application by mail, please use the guaranteed or registered or express mail. Ordinary mail sometimes gets lost or occurs delay. Please also enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postal stamps to return a passport by registered or guaranteed or express post.
  • We do not accept application by Courier (FedEx, DHL, etc.).
  • Please sign the application with place and date.
Please note:Incomplete form will not be processed and the High Commission will not be held responsible for such application.

Information on Certificate for Driver's License:

Please duly fill in prescribed form with one copy of passport-size photograph. The original driver's license issued from Bangladesh has to be enclosed. Attach necessary bank draft/money order. Also provide a pre-paid express post envelope.

Information Obtaining Police Certificate:

To obtain Police Certificate, the concerned applicant has to directly apply to his/her District Police Commissioner's office/Thana in Bangladesh. Please note that High Commission does not forward any application to Bangladesh in this regard. The High Commission only attest the photocopy of the passport to be submitted with the application.

Information Obtaining Birth Certificate:

The High Commission does not issue any Birth Certificate. For issuing Birth Certificate, concerned City Corporation or Upazilla Parisad has to be contacted.

Processing Fees for Attestation / Certification ::

TypeUrgent FeeRegular Fee
(Delivery within 3 Working Days)

Attestation of educational certificates

C$ 60.00

C$ 40.00

Attestation of Bangladesh driver's license

C$ 60.00

C$ 40.00

Attestation of Power of Attorney (POA) and all kinds of legal documents up to 5 pages (documents must include photo of the POA Giver and Receiver and valid Bangladesh passport of the Applicant/POA Giver)

C$ 60.00

C$ 40.00

Attestation of Power of Attorney (POA) and all kinds of legal documents more than 5 pages up to 8 pages (documents must include photo of the POA Giver and Receiver and valid Bangladesh passport of the Applicant/POA Giver)

C$ 100.00

C$ 70.00

Beyond limit any POA or educational or legal document (fees per page)

C$ 5.00

C$ 5.00

Fees are payable to the High Commission of Bangladesh, Ottawa in the form of a Money Order/Bank Draft/Certified Cheque. Please note that no cash payment is accepted.