Guideline for Machine Readable VISA and Machine Readable 'No-Visa' for Bangladesh ::

For Machine Readable Visa

The following documents are required to be submitted along with the prescribed form :

  • Duly filled-in the prescribed form (form can be downloaded from our website and be photocopied). All section must be filled in with correct and appropriate information.
  • Please Type or write in Block letters; illegibility may cause delay in the process or sometimes no process at all.
  • State clearly the purpose of your visit to Bangladesh and attach documents in support of your visit (A letter from the person/business office/government or non-government organizations/ other office in Bangladesh who has extended invitation to you. Also attach a letter from your employer/company/office in Canada). Attach valid Canadian passport with minimum three unused pages available for stamping visa. In case of non-Canadian passport, submission of Canadian Permanent Residence card along with the application would be necessary.
  • If your are going to visit Bangladesh as Journalist (in order to produce video/TV/film/documentary or to make any report for print or electronic media or for other purpose, etc.) you need to fill-up a separate form available on our website as “Contract Form for Journalist (J) Visa”. Visa for Journalist takes approximately Six (6) weeks to process.
  • Please attach Bank Draft or Postal Money Order of appropriate fees/ charges. For details of fees, please see the relevant section of this website. Please note that we do not receive any personal cheque/credit card.
  • All fees should be payable to “Bangladesh High Commission”. High Commission will not be held responsible if you have sent any bank draft or postal order blank or in any other’s name.
  • Please note that your fees/charges vary according to your choice of service priority ( Regular or Urgent).
  • If you are sending your application by mail, please use the guaranteed or registered or express mail. Ordinary mail sometimes gets lost or occurs delay. Please also enclose a self addressed envelope with sufficient postal stamps to return applicant's passport by registered or guaranteed or express post.
  • We do not accept application by Courier (FedEx, DHL, etc.).
  • Please sign the application with place and date.
Please note:Incomplete form will not be processed and the High Commission will not be held responsible for such application.

Processing Time And Fees for VISA ::

Single Entry for 3 Months                                 Multiple Entry

C$100.00                                                         C$200.00


Fees are payable to the High Commission of Bangladesh, Ottawa in the form of a Money Order/Bank Draft/Certified Cheque.

Please note that there is currently no Normal or Urgent visa processing fees. Visa is usually issued within 7 working days. Business visas are expedited.

For Machine Readable No-Visa

1. Please submit duly filled in prescribed form available from this web site (Forms Download section) along with a passport size photo. 

2. Please submit photocopy of your valid Bangladesh passport (pages containing personal information) / Bangladeshi birth registration certificate / Academic certificate obtained from Bangladesh, if any.  

3. For children of Bangladesh citizens born in Canada or outside Bangladesh, please submit photocopy of your mother's/mother's Bangladesh passport. Also, please submit your Canadian / other country's birth certificate showing mother's / father's name.  

4. Required fees of CAD 80.00 (eighty Canadian dollars).