"Ek Desh" the online crowdfunding platform in Bangladesh has been launched

 The Government of Bangladesh has launched the first online crowdfunding platform in Bangladesh. This platform aims to bring together individual donors and social and non-profit organizations together with the government, for the relief funds operated by the Government as well as the other charitable organizations. Under the umbrella of ICT Division of the Government, the Prime Minister’s Emergency Relief Fund for COVID-19 pandemic, Islamic Foundation, BRAC, Bidyanondo Foundation, Center for Zakat Management, CRP and Sajeda Foundations are included in the said platform.

Funds intended for the purpose of food assistance, medical assistance, cash assistance etc. can be donated to the organization of choice using this platform both from home and abroad. Detailed information on ‘Ek Desh’ is available at the website: http://ekdesh.ekpay.gov.bd/. The Bangladesh Diaspora abroad are encouraged to participate in the noble initiative. 

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