Forms for Machine Readable Passport Application :

Application forms for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and Reissue of Machine Readable Passport are available.

         * New Passport ( Category # 1) Applicant needs to appropriately fill in the form on-line and submit printout of that form  along with other necessary documents. Use the following Link [Online to be filled]  .

         * Passport Re-issue ( Category # 2) Applicant needs to appropriately printout and fill DIP Form 2  along with other necessary documents. Use the following Link [Printable PDF]  .

Form for Machine Readable 'Visa' and ' No-Visa' Application:

The form applicable for all those cases are available at [Online to be filled] . Applicant needs to appropriately fill in the form on-line and submit printout of that form filled in on line along with other necessary documents. 

 Attestation/Certification Application:

Application Form for Attestation / Certification: Click here [Printable PDF] 

Online Birth Registration Application:

Application Form for Online Birth Registration  Application: Click here [Printable JPG] 


 If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, you can Download the software in here. Click here