Machine Readable Passports

Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

All Bangladeshi nationals need valid Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) to travel abroad. The Bangladesh High Commission Ottawa issues MRP to bonafide Bangladeshi nationals following due procedure of the Government of Bangladesh.


The applicant needs to duly fill-in the appropriate online application form available at the web page of the Department of Immigration and Passport of Bangladesh


Applicant - who does not have any MRP and has hand written Bangladeshi passport or its photocopy or if the existing MRP was issued while he/she was less then 12 years’ old, needs to visit the High Commission to give biometric data and submit print out of the filled in application form and other documents at the High Commission.

After completion of the enrolment process, the High Commission electronically sends data and necessary documents to the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) in Dhaka. DIP then prints the new MRP after completion of necessary verification and sends it back to the High Commission by courier service. Following electronic authentication, the High Commission delivers the MRP to the applicant or by post as desired by the applicant. The whole procedure may take approximately 30 days. 


Applying for a Machine-Readable Passport (MRP) 

The following sections provide guidelines on how to apply for a Machine Readable Passport (MRP). Please note that the guidelines provided in this page are indicative. The High Commission reserves the right to request for any additional document at any stage for scrutiny by the Consular Officer before rendering any service.


Step 1: Requirement for MRP Application:

1)   Printed copy of all the pages of duly filled-in online application form using the website

2)  Photo copy of National ID card or Online Birth Registration Certificate containing 17-digit Birth Registration Number (BRN)

3)  The original passport (if available), in the case of lost, police report. 

4)   A photo copy of the existing passport (pages containing personal information only)

5)  Two copies of recent photograph of the applicant (size: 45 mm x35 mm)

6) A return envelope with applicant’s full address in the case of service delivery through mail.  



Step 2: MRP Fee

Conversion of Hand written passport to MRP CAN$150 (Canadian dollars one hundred and fifty only)

MRP Reissuance (i.e. persons holding MRP in original) Regular Service CAN $ 150 (Canadian dollars one hundred and fifty only), Express Service CAN$ 300 (Canadian dollar three hundred only)


Mode of Payment

1) The MRP fee has to be paid by Bank Draft/Pay Order/ Postal order in favour of Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada.

2) The applicant can pay by Credit/ Debit Card in favour of Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, Canada at the High Commission office.


Step-3: Submission of MRP application

Applicants, who have only hand-written passport, or whose Machine |Readable Passport was issued when he/she was less then 12 years old, need to come to the High Commission in person for biometric enrollment. The applicant must make prior appointment with the High Commission by calling the number 613-236-01138/39 on any working day between 09 am to 05 pm.  for the biometric enrollment.   

Applicants who needs to reissue MRP may opt to avail postal services. In that case they need to send their existing MRP, print out of all pages of the MRP application form filled in online and other relevant documents mentioned earlier (step-1) to the High Commission. A return envelope with applicant’s address should be sent as well.


Step-4- Biometric Enrolment Process: 

At the MRP enrolment booth, applicant’s Finger Prints, Electronic Signature and Photograph will be taken during the enrollment.  


Step-5: Delivery of the passport

After completion of the enrolment process, the High Commission gives the applicant a tentative date of delivery of Machine Readable Passport. The passport is printed in Dhaka and later sent to the Mission. The whole procedure may take at least 30 days. 


However, in case of urgency or for further clarification the applicant can directly contact the High Commission over phone. He/she may contact the High Commission for confirmation of arrival of passports from Dhaka. Upon confirmation from the High Commission the applicant may come to the High Commission in person along with his or her old Bangladesh Passport and delivery slip and present the delivery slip and the old passport at the counter. New MRP will be handed over along with the old passport (with observation or cancellation seal) after taking signature on the acknowledgement of receipt.

Checking status of MRP issuance:

Applicants who got the enrollment ID from the High Commission can check the status of MRP applications from the website: or by calling the High Commission during working hours.