Machine Readable Passports


This is for URGENT notice to all Machine Readable Passports (MRP) applicants that for obtaining MRP passport from Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa, the applicants MUST BOOK PRIOR APPOINTMENT by calling 613 236 0138 / 0139 (extn 221), or by online through this web site. Due to huge application volume, we do not any more take applicants who come without prior appointment.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regards. 



Please click below to download the MRP application form (for new application as well as reissue) :

Download Application form for MRP

 Guideline for new Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application:

All Bangladesh citizens, are encouraged to apply for Machine Readable Passport (MRP) and requested not to apply for hand-written passports as this type of passports will not remain valid for travel effective from November 24, 2015 as per the decision of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Bangladesh High Commission in Ottawa has been processing Machine Readable Passport (MRP) since April 2012. Bangladeshi citizen, whose passport has been expired or requires to be renewed, can apply for an MRP in the High Commission. Existing hand-written passport may also be replaced with a new MRP. For record of bio-metrics, i.e. fingerprints as well as digital photographs and digital signature, the applicant has to come physically to the High Commission.

The applications can be submitted in prescribed form along with the national ID and/or birth certificate as well as the existing Hand Written Passport or existing MRP (if renewal). Two (2) recent passport size colour photographs needed with the application (background of the photo should be white and show the face clearly) and Two (2) sets of photocopy of their existing passport which is mandatory.

A birth certificate (digital) could be issued from the High Commission of Bangladesh based on the information on existing or old passport/ Union Parishad Chairman's/ Ward Commissioner's certificate and/or SSC certificate. This birth certificate, containing 17 digits of unique identification number, which is mandatory and would facilitate the issuance of the MRPs, requires a token fee of C$ 10.00 which may be accepted in cash at the time of application.

Those who want to apply for MRP are, therefore, advised to consult the following website(if needed): 

MRP forms are available in the High Commission. However, an applicant is encouraged to either download forms from the above website or apply online (preferable), and bring the print out of the completed forms to the High Commission on the day of submission of application alongwith supporting documents. The delivery time is about three to five weeks upon receipt of printed MRPs from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The delivery can be arranged by mail if a self-addressed return prepaid Canada Post express envelope alongwith the old passport is submitted to the High Commission.

Please note that : MRP applicants need to come in person to the High Commission to submit the application and must take prior appointment before approaching to the High Commission.  

Processing time and fees for Machine Readable Passport:

Sl. No.


Processing Time





Within 6 to 8 weeks (minimum), depending on police verification report and arrival of the passport from Dhaka.

C$ 150.00

Subject to arrival of the passport from Dhaka



Guideline for checking status of MRP application:

To get updated status of your MRP Application please visit 

Enrolment ID: Please type your Enrolment ID that appairer in your slip that provided by Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa (i.e: CAN100000xxxxx)

Date of Birth: Type your date of Birth.

Type the visible CODE and then on click  Search.


Guideline for reissue (previously known as renewal) of Machine Readable Passport (MRP)

Required Documents for New MRP and Reissue of MRP Application:

New Application and Reissue Application form are same. Reissue Applicants may send their application through Canada Post, but if the applicant is less than 20 years of old in that case they needs to come to the High Commission in person for their updated Biomatrix whether it is New and or Renewal/Reissue of MRP.  

1. Applicant's recent 2(two) passport size color photograph.

2. Existing Bangladesh Passport along with 02 sets photocopy of the passport.

3. Photocopy of applicant's National ID Card and or Digital Birth Certificate(if available). If not, applicant may apply for Digital Birth Certificate when they apply for MRP. 

4. Self addressed Canada Post Express prepaid envelope (with online tracking facilities).

 5. Necessary fees of 150.00 CAD through bank draft or pay order. In case of applications submitted in Bangladesh High Commission Office in Ottawa, applicants may pay through debit or credit card upfront.

6. In the application form SL. 22.  That person should be applicant's family members/relatives/friends who live in Bangladesh. Please mention his/her relationship with the applicant and his/her phone number and address which is mandatory.