Guideline for Machine Readable Visa (MRV) and Machine Readable No-Visa (MRNV):

Machine Readable Visa Application Form:  downloading / filling in the form


The following documents are required to be submitted in case of application of Visa applications (Machine Readable Visa - MRV) and No-Visa applications (Machine Readable No-Visa):

  • Duly fill-in NEW prescribed form (downloadable, given above). Same form applies for both MRV and MRNV.
  • For No-Visa (Machine Readable No-Visa), please note at least five (05) business days will be needed to process.
  • Copy of Bangladeshi passport MUST be submitted with the application for No-Visa. If the applicant does not have a Bangladeshi passport, she/he is required to submit proof of any Bangladeshi ID such as National ID Card / Birth Registration Certificate / SSC Certificate / copy of passport of his/her mother or father with an Affidavit from the mother or father stating that the applicant is her/his child (this also has to be supported by copy of the applicant's Canadian long-size Birth Certificate showing his/her parent's name). 
  • For Visa (Machine Readable Visa), the processing time is minimum 15 (fifteen) business days. 
  • Please Type or Print by hand Block letters; illegibility may cause the delay in the process or sometimes no process at all.
  • Attach One (1) passport-size color photograph for each applicant. Background of the photo should be white and photo should show your face clearly.
  • Please attach Bank Draft or Postal money Order of appropriate fees/ charges. For details of fees, please see the relevant section of this website titled - "Mode of Payment". Please note that we do not receive any personal cheque. In case of more than one application from one family for Machine Readable No-Visa, fees can be paid by one bank draft or money order. (eg. For no-visa seal for a family of four, C$ 80x4=320.00 C$).
  • All fees MUST be payable to “Bangladesh High Commission, Ottawa”. High Commission will not be held responsible if applicants send any blank bank draft or postal order or in any other's name.
  • If you are sending your application by mail, please use the guaranteed or registered or express mail through Canada Post. Please also enclose a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postal stamps to return applicant's passport by registered or guaranteed or express post.
  • We do not accept Couriers (FedEx, DHL, etc.).
  • Please sign the application form with place and date. In case of children, parents can sign on behalf.

In case of submitting the application for children, photocopy of the detailed form of Canadian Statement of Live Birth (the long one) or Birth certificate with both parents' name on it has to be enclosed. Any of the Parent's (Father/Mother) Bangladesh passport also has to be submitted. Same fees applicable for children.

Please note: Incomplete form will not be processed and the High Commission will not be held responsible for such application.

Please note that we return all the original passport/documents back to the applicant.


Processing Fees for Machine Readable VISA (MRV) / Machine Readable No-Visa (MRNV)

                                     Only                                           C$80.00

Fees are payable to the High Commission of Bangladesh, Ottawa in the form of a Money Order/Bank Draft/Certified Cheque.
Applicants who submit their applications by hand in Ottawa, may pay by debit / credit cards at the front desk. Delivery of the MRV and MRNV will take at least 05 (five) business days from the date of submission of the application.   
Please note that there is no urgent fees for Machine Readable Visa and Machine Readable No-Visa.